About Us



 Coalition of Ultimate Drag Racers Association was founded and established in 2004 by Kenneth T. and Denise E. Kennedy.  C.U.D.R.A. is an organization with men and women who are dedicated to retaining the history of the pioneers of Drag Racing and educating our communities regarding the benefits of this sport.
 C.U.D.R.A. was originally named Coalition of Urban Drag Racers because it was geared towards the everyday blue collar workers in our inner city whose perseverance and passion for the sport of Drag Racing is the reason for the success of most race tracks.  It was our goal to show the vast history behind these men and women.
 However, as our group began to grow it became obvious that the history of Drag Racing and the Legends could not be contained to just one group of individuals, so to encompass what we were really all about and in order to keep the initials C.U.D.R.A  in 2011 the Urban became Ultimate.  A word that truly described the members of our team.




A place for real drag cars to race! Tube chassis, Dragsters, Back-half,Stock Suspension car you name it! If it has wheels put it in the lanes and make it run the number!! No weight limits No Restrictions No BS!!! Run what ever you Brung!!



  With the Blessings, Grace and Guidance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we the officers and members of C.U.D.R.A. Coalition of ULTIMATE Drag Racers Association promise to continue to bring you the very Best in All  that we do.